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Colt's Story

Colt Graves, hailing from the musical heartland of Owensboro, Kentucky, carries a legacy of music in his veins. He honed his craft under the guiding influence of his legendary grandfather, the revered Bluegrass Hall of Fame Member, Josh Graves. From a young age, Colt's passion for songwriting ignited, setting the stage for a genre-crossing musical journey that would ultimately lead him to embark on a solo career in 2021.

Colt Graves is a storyteller, an artist who captivates audiences with emotionally resonant narratives that span the spectrum of human experience. His music is a fusion of folk, country, and a blend of modern influences drawn from the realms of pop and hip-hop. What sets Colt apart is his ability to seamlessly meld the traditional with the contemporary, fusing powerful vocals with the twang of classic country instruments and the pulse of modern beats. The result is a distinct and compelling musical experience that leaves a mark on the soul.

Colt was signed by Timbaland to Anthem Entertainment in 2023 following the success of Dirt On Me.


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